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Federico Longo


In 2013 Federico Longo has launched his first cd as a composer: "La vena giusta del cristallo", 11 piano pieces entirely composed and performed by himself, followed by his second CD: "L’arte del volo". At the same time he has undertaken an intense successful concert activity as a Solo Pianist performing its music around the world.

Federico Longo’s music is produced by the composer Maurizio Fabrizio author of some of the most famous Italian songs like: "Almeno tu nell’universo", "I migliori anni della nostra vita", "Sarà quel che sarà", etc.

Raffaello Amabile


Raffaello Amabile is an Italian composer from Verona, the city where he graduated in Composition from the Conservatory "F.E. Dall'Abaco " Then he attended the Conservatory of Milan, where he specialized in Composition with M° Mario Garuti.
He took part in several contemporary music festivals such as the one of Tampere  Finland in 2008, and the Highscore Festival of Pavia in 2014. He also earned a master degree in "Music for Movies" at the "Scuola Civica of Milan" under the guidance of M°Franco Piersanti.
His work is inspired by the Hungarian composer György Ligeti, by the Italian composer Bruno Maderna, and by the French-Greek Iannis Xenakis. 

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