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Serena Riglietti - signed prints

Illustrator and Publisher

Serena Riglietti lives in Urbino with her two sons, nine year old Franceso, and six year old Tommaso, an upcoming artist. She has always been fascinanted by the arts and started creating when she was in elementary school in Milan. At an early age, she was exposed to photography, story books, masks, and sculptures-even those of hamsters. She continued her artist explorations and studied animation in High School.

She attended the Academy of Fine Arts Urbino for fine arts but a professor eventually declared that she was  more of an illustrator. She agreed and realized then that  was the career that she wanted to pursue. Even as la student, Serena was quite driven and started showing her portfolio to publishers. It was on one of these visits that she stood outside the gates of Salani Editore (publisher) and persuaded them to view her portfolio. Her determination eventually landed her first project as the illustrator for the Italian version of Harry Potter series.

From 1994, Serena has been a children’s book illustrator both for major Italian and foreign editors. She has illustrated approximately 70 books, with major publishers such as Mondadori, Grimm Press, Simon and Schuster and Usborne Publishing. Since 2012, Serena has served as the Art Director of the Italian publishing house ‘Mediabooks’ which publishes guides for families with children; the guides are called ‘Divertimappe’.

The concept for the Divertimappa (funmaps) collection is to put together a set of guidebooks

for young people travelling with their families through each region or city of Italy. Each book is filled with brightly coloured pictures, games, and fun facts, all beautifully illustrated and bound together with a child resistant cover and  child-friendly spiral bindings. In 2005 Serena founded the Illustration course at the Academy of Fine Arts Urbino where she contines as l an essential  member of the faculty.

price range: 65 - 600 $

Pino Lancia - litographies


Italian lithograph maker Pino Lancia... enjoy his wonderful work

Price varies according if the work is already frames or not.

price range: 250 - 600 $

Michela Sperindio - original prints


Michela Sperindio is a printmaker who achieved a diploma in editorial graphics and book restoration at the Istituto Statale d’Arte in Urbino. After obtaining a professional certificate in Multimedia Editorial Graphics at INAIP, Rimini, she graduated in Visual Arts, Performing Arts and Graphic Arts at the Art Academy in Urbino. The artist further developed professionally by residencies at the Edinburgh Printmakers (UK) and the Art Print Residence (E). Michela Sperindio will exhibit her work at the Iluro Mataro’ Foundation in Barcelona, Spain in 2016. The artists has exhibited her work internationally. Amongst her shows: 6° Triennal exhibition for small format, Miniprint Internacional Rosario (Argentina) in 2014-2015; 34th Miniprint de Cadaques. Taller ‘Galeria Fort’ Cadaques, Wingfi eld Barns (UK), Tharrats Graphic Art Foundation in Pineda de Mar (Catalunya), L’Etangd’Art gallery in Bages (France) in  2014; M. Ratti, G.C. Torre, La Xilografi a Italiana. Dalla mostra di xilografi a internazionale di Levanto a oggi, Silvanoeditoriale, Santa Caterina Oratorio de’Disciplinanti, Finale Ligure, La Spezia, Collesalvetti in 2012-2013;  Centenario di Carlo Bo. Mostra Ex Libris Carlo Bo letter to the artists, Sestri Levante in 2011.

price range: 250 - 2000 $

Pino Mascia - original artwork

Painter - Sculptor

Thoughts, waters, forests, dreams, whispers, winding paths, desires, sounds of nature, and physical movements, are some of the names baptizing these unique works of art, made by the combination of alchemistic formulas and allowed to take their own intuitive form of expression, based on a unique process of oxidation and the artist’s honoring of the contemplative circumstances in which they are made. Born and raised in Rome to Sardinian parents, Pino Mascia studied art at the Academy of Fine Arts and worked under some of Rome’s most important contemporary artists. These teachings are what influenced his works until his first years as an artist when he moved to Urbino in the early 1980’s. Mascia, was one of the promoters of “AGRAVITAZIONALE”, an artistic movement between the mid 80’s and 90’s, composed of a group of artists that created works using phosphorescent pigments allowing for a duel vision, in light (by day) and in the dark (by night). This experience brought forth important artistic exchanges within their collaborative and in the formation of each artist as an individual. The movement also gained a great deal of praise from the public and the art market.

price range: 300 - 2000 $

Katina Petrova - hand paited silk scarfs

Painter and Silk-Fabric expert

Katina was born in 1978 in Bulgaria, where she attended art school. After graduation, she studied painting, with a specialty in graphics, at the renowned Academy of Fine Arts in Urbino. She currently lives and works in  Italy, teaching a course in Textile Design at LABA (University of Fine Arts) in Rimini. Her current focus is on designing paintings and drawings on silk, which she applies to contemporary style clothing, accessories and interior design elements. Her unique pieces can be worn or framed to decorate interiors.

price range: 200 - 350 $

Rita Ricci - original oil paintings

Oil Painter

Born in Mondolfo, Rita has always been passionate about painting. She begins painting at an early age but in recent years she decided to perfect her technique devoting her technique mainly to oil painting . The subjects of her works are flowers.


The world of Rita Ricci  opens and reaches into your heart. A fantasy of shapes

that fill you with joy. Her works take us out of the gray of the real world around us, lacking warmth and  poetry. The fresh style of her paintings imbues in us peace whenever our eyes embrace  one of her flowers or landscapes.

Carla De Angelis – Painter

price range: 250 - 400 $

ArMida's Jewels

" Every woman's natural beauty is enhanced with an eye-catching piece of jewelry. My creations are one of a kind. Express your personality with a unique piece that will be yours and yours alone "  --- ArMida's Jewels

$15.00 - 250.00

Luigi Di Giammarino

Cartoonist and illustrator
Between the late seventies and mid-eighties, He created short comic stories for various italian magazines (1984, Tilt, Cioè...), and a fantasy graphic novel for the Italian market, Pieter Van Auger.
In the eighties he also worked for the animation studio of Gianni Peg, where he realized backgrounds and animations for dozens of short films for the RAI (Italy's national public broadcasting company).
In the nineties he went back to work as a comic book artist with the ESP series, published by Universo publishing, and horror comic books with scripts by Paul Aleandri, published by Francesco Coniglio’s Acme.
In 2005 he drew the first publication of the fantasy comic book Adam au Chromaland for the French publisher Les Humanoides Associès.
Then he illustrated another fantasy comic book published into two volumes, La Vallee des Mutants, for the French publisher Clair de Lune.

For italian publisher Lo Scarabeo he drew Cards of Dreams, The Tarot of Metamorphosis, and the Tarot of the Surrealists.
In his spare time he carries on his work as a painter by commissions and group exhibitions, including the 54th Biennial of Art in Turin, organized by Vittorio Sgarbi, where he exhibited the work Venexia (oil and acrylic on canvas).

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