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Pino Mascia Aleppo Soap - Glazed Clay

Pino Mascia Aleppo Soap - Glazed Clay

SKU: 0030

Pino's handmade original clay sculpture, clear final glaze with the addition of images chosen by the artist for each piece. Each piece is signed.


This sculpture is inspired by the renowned Aleppo body Soap very popular all over the world and condidered the most ancient soap with a very materic look that inspired the artist to create these sculptures. Aleppo Soap is considered the most natural and ancient soap. Handmade even today.


Pino decision to use the surface of the sculpture as a base for adding images and texts is inspired by the Sumeric and Egyptian tradition where verbiage and stories were designed right over the statues. The texts and graphics are visual artistic choices made by the artist.

.5" x 2.5" x 2.0"


20% COUPON if you purchase all 4 at once ask & we will send you the coupon


    Clay - Terracotta glazed dimentions about 2.5" x 2.5" x 2.0" depth


    Items are handmade therefore they have imperfections. Returned are allowed after the buyer contacts the seller. The buyer will have to pay for shipping costs of the return. Buyer will be responsible for packaging well the piece to avoid any damages during the return. Return shipping fee must include the insurance in case of damage.

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